Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing the online Question Box

Ever had a question you wanted to know the answer to, but didn't want to ask?  We are taking an old concept and making it new again.  Every now and then at TFC's Monday night youth meetings, we will pass around blank paper,and students can write whatever question is on their mind. It might be a question about God or the Bible; it might be an ethical issue they are facing; they might need advice on a relationship.  Whatever it is, they can ask in complete privacy, because when the question goes in the box, we never know who wrote it.

Now introducing the online Question Box!   You can submit any question you want an answer to, without having to reveal who you are, and I will do my best to answer it honestly and accurately.  We got our first question yesterday:
 10/29/2009 5:20pm    what day is it?
Well, just to show you that it works -- It was Thursday. =) 

Now, understand that this is not an automatic response kind of thing; there's no web robot on the other end that's going to chat with you.  It more like you are sending me an anonymous email.  That means an actual human is responding to you, which means that you will get a better answer (hopefully), but you may have to wait a day or three before it shows up here on the blog.  So bring it on -- I'm ready for a challenge!
-- Adam

Thanks to Mark French for the online Question Box idea!

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